Quitting sugar: An educational video

I recently came across a great video on the root causes of sugar addiction as well as some practical techniques to quit consuming it (or significantly cut down). Joseph Everett, creator of the “What I’ve Learned” channel on YouTube, offers a grounded and inspirational 15 minute video called “HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits”.

Joseph breaks it down to five things that are working against you which need to be addressed. Once these are out of the way, he says, it’s really easy to quit (and I agree, especially with stevia as a tool!)

  • Brain
  • Environment
  • Habits
  • Gut
  • Friends

Check out the video for inspiration to make some changes in your life, or simply become more educated about what sugar is actually doing in your body. I learned a few things and I think this would be a great video to share with loved ones (who are ready for it!). Nothing is worse than trying to push health advice on someone who isn’t ready

Is Stevia an acquired taste?

Leaves from a Stevia plantOne of the problems that comes up when we do tastings is I get people who approach the booth then find out we use Stevia and say something to the effect of  “oh, I wish I could enjoy Stevia but it just doesn’t taste good to me!”

Taste buds can be a tricky thing, indeed. Sometimes I’m sad that people can’t enjoy our product because how the Stevia is interacting with their palate. To me, our chocolate tastes amazing–but that’s in part because I’m so used to Stevia and I don’t consume any refined sugars. When I think back to when I first tried our chocolate (on my first date with Lydia in 2013!), I do remember some aftertaste that I no longer detect. I wasn’t using stevia at the time, so it makes sense that it would taste a little different to me. But to be honest, the chocolate still tasted wonderful, even with this aftertaste!

If you can get to the point where Stevia tastes great, then you have a huge ally on your side when it comes to eating healthy and staying away from sugar.

If you’re on the fence about Stevia because it doesn’t taste great to you right away, it may be worth it to give it a chance for a little while and see if your palate can adjust. At a sampling recently I had a woman tell me that she couldn’t stand the taste of stevia when she first started working with it, but now she loves it and uses it all the time! So it is possible to experience a taste bud transformation like that.

Here’s a nice review that one of our customers left recently:

“My first time buying your 10 Pack Chocolate Bar Sampler, I liked the actual chocolate and different flavors, but the stevia was an acquired taste. My taste buds have adjusted and I now love these bars. For a comparison, I recently tried a chocolate bar made with sugar and dairy and it tasted terrible.”

Interesting! She went from the stevia being an acquired taste to then enjoying it and having sugar and dairy taste terrible in chocolate.

If you can get to the point where Stevia tastes great, then you have a huge ally on your side when it comes to eating healthy and staying away from sugar.

Chocolate makes you smarter, study suggests

Leaves and fruits of cocoa beans

The Telegraph reports on a study done that found people who eat chocolate at least once per week see their memory and abstract thinking improve. Of course we all knew this already, but it’s good to get some scientific evidence on the matter!

Interestingly, in 2014, a study also suggested that a diet rich in cocoa might help prevent dementia-like memory loss in elderly folks.


Almond Butter Cups and tea in the morning

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter CupThere’s nothing better than waking up and enjoying an almond butter cup with your tea in the morning. We do this often and find it’s a great way to set the day on a good course! The nice thing about our treats are that they don’t contain sugar so there’s no cravings triggered. When I eat one (or two! :)) Almond Butter cups I often feel satiated without the urge to keep eating more and more. This is something I notice with sugar. I call it “getting on the sugar train” and often that train leads to a crash. Much better to hop aboard the stevia train instead.

All aboard! Into stevialand we go. Where the taste may be aquired, but the grass is greener and the people are healthier.

Cutting sugar from kids’ diets appears to have a beneficial effect in just 10 days

More studies are coming out about the effects of sugar.

From the article:

“Researchers at the University of California-San Francisco and Touro University decided to find out by recruiting 43 volunteers, ages 9 to 18, and putting them on low-sugar diets and measuring all kinds of things about how their bodies changed as a result.”

Read the article here from The Washington Post

Fall Detox time!

Whole DetoxFall is a fine time to do a detox. We’re excited to have the chance to sponsor (and participate in!) Dr. Deanna Minich’s Whole Detox™ that starts Oct. 1st. The really neat thing about this particular detox is how it is designed to remove toxic barriers on emotional, mental and interpersonal levels! A very unique approach that goes beyond food.

Find out more here about the program here: