A sweet confession

Hello, my name is Rose, and I’m a Pure Love Chocolate addict. Apologies to anyone who’s offended by my paraphrase, but I actually had to have my husband hide my chocolate. It is so good and I get so excited when it arrives in my mailbox, that I do a little dance of joy. Then I think about it every moment I’m not actually eating it. Being sugar free is not a choice for me and artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols also make me sick, so thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a world where a girl like me can have chocolate in her life again.

– Rose M via our website

Customer review: Perfect treat!

“These are wonderful! They’re a nice size for a little treat when I want something sweet, and macadamias add the perfect crunch. I have type 1 diabetes and they do not impact my blood sugar.”

–Heather, from our website

A customer review: The caramel coconut cream cups

“The caramel coconut cream cups are the best product in your collection that I have tasted so far. The burst of sweetness with the chocolate makes me want to eat them all up at once. I don’t because each one is filling.”

–Barbara T. from our website

Customer note from Barbara

“Found you on the web. LOVE your candy! It is incredibly delicious. I am ordering more before I am even out of original order because I don’t want to be without this.”

– Barbara, through our Website

We are so thrilled when people find our chocolate to be important and helpful in their lives!

Customer Letter from Bailey

These chocolate creations take me to a happier place. They are very rich and satisfying which really helps to curb my sweet tooth. I have become increasingly sensitive to sugars over the past few years, so these treats are perfect for my needs. Thanks for helping me ween off sugar!

– Bailey
via Website, 6/10/20