Customer review: Finally

Finally, a chocolate bar with not sugar alcohols that I can digest and not have allergic reactions to. I love having these around for a snack! 🙂

– Donna M, from our website

Ode to a chocolate

We got such a kick out of this poem one of our customers wrote. Thank you Dawn Marie for making us laugh!

The Easter bunny was coming to town

So I was busy running around

Searching for dairy free chocolate, you see

To make my son happy, in his tummy

To earthfare and whole foods and amazon, too

I searched and searched, but then thought about you

My favorite chocolate! Could it be?

Yes, they have easter eggs, cute as can be.

But summer is coming so I’d better stock up

On my secret treats, which are buttercups

Coconut, buttercream, and chocolate covered cherries

I eat them while drinking coffee with berries

I’ll have to increase my workouts on the peloton bike

Or my clothes will scream and give me a fright

This is my second poem about candy

But I believe this one’s cute and maybe quite dandy

by Dawn Marie Pike

A sweet confession

Hello, my name is Rose, and I’m a Pure Love Chocolate addict. Apologies to anyone who’s offended by my paraphrase, but I actually had to have my husband hide my chocolate. It is so good and I get so excited when it arrives in my mailbox, that I do a little dance of joy. Then I think about it every moment I’m not actually eating it. Being sugar free is not a choice for me and artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols also make me sick, so thank you, thank you, thank you for creating a world where a girl like me can have chocolate in her life again.

– Rose M via our website

Customer review: Perfect treat!

“These are wonderful! They’re a nice size for a little treat when I want something sweet, and macadamias add the perfect crunch. I have type 1 diabetes and they do not impact my blood sugar.”

–Heather, from our website

A customer review: The caramel coconut cream cups

“The caramel coconut cream cups are the best product in your collection that I have tasted so far. The burst of sweetness with the chocolate makes me want to eat them all up at once. I don’t because each one is filling.”

–Barbara T. from our website