Chocolate makes you smarter, study suggests

Leaves and fruits of cocoa beans

The Telegraph reports on a study done that found people who eat chocolate at least once per week see their memory and abstract thinking improve. Of course we all knew this already, but it’s good to get some scientific evidence on the matter!

Interestingly, in 2014, a study also suggested that a diet rich in cocoa might help prevent dementia-like memory loss in elderly folks.

Almond Butter Cups and tea in the morning

Dark Chocolate Almond Butter CupThere’s nothing better than waking up and enjoying an almond butter cup with your tea in the morning. We do this often and find it’s a great way to set the day on a good course! The nice thing about our treats are that they don’t contain sugar so there’s no cravings triggered. When I eat one (or two! :)) Almond Butter cups I often feel satiated without the urge to keep eating more and more. This is something I notice with sugar. I call it “getting on the sugar train” and often that train leads to a crash. Much better to hop aboard the stevia train instead.

All aboard! Into stevialand we go. Where the taste may be aquired, but the grass is greener and the people are healthier.