Updated magnet!

New Magnet

Our new magnet design

Appearing soon as a magnet on a fridge near you (maybe?). New, updated typography evolved from the original magnet we give out free with our website orders.

It’s a simple reminder to treat yourself well by choosing foods that nourish rather than deplete. We all make these choices every day and it’s not always easy to pick the right foods. Sometimes it’s being in a bad mood, feeling out of alignment, or being overly challenged by life that can influence us to reach for something we know deep down isn’t going to benefit us in the long term.
We made this magnet in hopes that it could serve as a little reminder to choose to be kind to yourself each time you open the fridge door 🙂

Magnet on fridge

Our old magnet on a fridge

Product availability notifications are here

Lately we’ve been working around the clock just to keep up with the demand for our chocolate! Buttercups, especially have been going in and out of stock on our website, and it can be frustrating when your favorite treats aren’t available to buy.

Today we have a new feature which will let you get a one-time email notification the moment a treat goes back into stock on our website. Just visit the product details page for any treat that’s out of stock and put your email address in the “Get notified” box and click/tap the button. That’s it! When the product is available again, you’ll get a friendly email letting you know.

It’s a helpful tool we hope you’ll take advantage of. Let us know if you have any comments or suggestions as we’re always working to improve our website.