Over at Organic Authority there’s a good quick article about the 4 most common reasons we crave sweets.

They break it down like so:

  1. Sugar is a drug (yep no surprise here!)
  2. Not getting enough protein in our diets (easy to fix)
  3. Used up all our willpower for the day (not so easy to fix!)
  4. Sweets and candy remind us of happy times (pretty easy to change associations over time and reprogram your mind)

We hope that the chocolate we make provides a good candy/sweets alternative for you, and that it can assist in making good choices on a daily basis about how much sugar you’re consuming.

To read the article, visit this link: https://www.organicauthority.com/health/why-you-crave-sugar-sweets

How are you doing with craving sweets and candy?

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