A couple of reviews from Courtney

Pure LOVE!

I am so satisfied with this chocolate! Given the high-quality almonds as well as the antioxidants from the natural chocolate, I honestly feel healthy after eating this chocolate.

Courtney C.

Truly Original (Reviewing our mmm…Mint chocolate bar)

This chocolate is to be savored! It reminds me of Saint Patrick’s Day and makes me so happy. Remember that these are natural chocolates – even more pure than most of the chocolate from organic stores where you’ll still find soy- and sugar-based ingredients (I completely adore Whole Foods, but this is a major issue I find myself up against when shopping there). If it tastes bitter to you, you might not be used to completely natural chocolate. Try it with a warm cup of tea, let it melt in your mouth, and give it a few tries! I will 100% be purchasing this chocolate again.

Courtney C.

Thanks for the great reviews, Courtney! 🙂 Your tips are also very helpful to folks trying the chocolate for their first time.

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