We’re excited to be releasing a new recipe for our Chocolate Covered Cherries in the Meltaways section on our website!

The new recipe was a “happy accident” when Lydia reached for the wrong flavor when making a batch of our Black Raspberry Chocolate Bars. She mistakenly mixed in an organic cherry flavor extract we had tested some time ago but never incorporated into any of our recipes. With all of the chocolate mixed, she needed something to use it for, so she made a test batch of Chocolate Covered Cherries. The result was delicious! In fact so good that people who tried it said they would buy the whole batch!

We have always listened closely to our customers, so in hopes of pleasing everyone (as much as we can), we’re releasing the new “more cherry flavor” recipe as a separate listing on our website. You can still buy the original recipe if you like that better, and feel free to request a sample of the new cherry flavor with your next order so you can decide on your favorite (just write in the order notes).
Everyone wins, and the prize is yummy indeed 🙂

Find our NEW recipe Chocolate Covered Cherries here

And our ORIGINAL recipe Chocolate Covered Cherries over here

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