pure-love-onbrown-small-transparentPure Love Chocolate offers delicious zero sugar chocolate shipped to your door. This incredibly healthy version of dark chocolate can help you reduce your sugar intake by becoming the treat that satisfies your sweet tooth without the negative effects of sugar!

Sweetened exclusively with pure stevia extract, Pure Love does not contain additives, fillers or sugar alcohols such as erythritol/maltitol/xylitol. It’s also free of dairy and soy! Vegan, yes! Pure ingredients and heartfelt intention go into every hand-crafted bar, and people tend to feel the difference.

The founder, Lydia Love, has a passion for creating deliciously healthy treats in support of people’s sugar-free & low carb lifestyles. Her own journey included becoming highly allergic to any form of sugar (even fruit) requiring her to be a strict no-sugar diet. It’s SO much easier to let go of sugar, dairy and excess carbs when you have a tasty alternative. Now in its ninth year of operation, Pure Love Chocolate has over 20 flavors and ships chocolate to health-conscious chocolate lovers all across the USA.

Visit the Pure Love Chocolate website and find your flavors: https://www.purelovechocolate.com