Sugar with spoon

Why we crave candy and sweets

Over at Organic Authority there’s a good quick article about the 4 most common reasons we crave sweets.

They break it down like so:

  1. Sugar is a drug (yep no surprise here!)
  2. Not getting enough protein in our diets (easy to fix)
  3. Used up all our willpower for the day (not so easy to fix!)
  4. Sweets and candy remind us of happy times (pretty easy to change associations over time and reprogram your mind)

We hope that the chocolate we make provides a good candy/sweets alternative for you, and that it can assist in making good choices on a daily basis about how much sugar you’re consuming.

To read the article, visit this link:

How are you doing with craving sweets and candy?

Sugar is Sugar! Know thy label.

When we’re at the store and needing to pick up some kind of “grab and go” item, the first thing our eye goes to is the nutrition facts label and the “Sugars” section. Is it 0g? or 15g? Even over 1 or 2g of sugars per serving can cause some undesirable effects, triggering cravings, candida reactions or knock you out of ketosis if you’re on a Ketogenic diet.

It’s also interesting how food manufacturers have found ways to hide sugar in the ingredients list. Or how alternative sugars are thought to be “healthy for you” even though they still contain fructose in similar quantities to table sugar!

In this healthline article titled The 56 Most Common Names for Sugar, the author talks about the myriad of names sugar goes by. It’s a tricky little substance that likes to hide behind different masks.

It’s always good to pay attention to the difference between added sugar and naturally occurring sugars from fruit, coconut or nuts. Some of us on sugar restricted diets need to avoid both kinds of sugar, but generally the naturally occurring sugars are much healthier because they’re showing up in the way nature intended—in proper proportion to fiber and other nutrients.

Next time you’re at the store for a quick packaged something-or-other, keep a close eye on that label. You probably already do, so maybe this is just to reaffirm that practice.

Quitting sugar: An educational video

I recently came across a great video on the root causes of sugar addiction as well as some practical techniques to quit consuming it (or significantly cut down). Joseph Everett, creator of the “What I’ve Learned” channel on YouTube, offers a grounded and inspirational 15 minute video called “HOW to quit Sugar & Unhealthy Habits”.

Joseph breaks it down to five things that are working against you which need to be addressed. Once these are out of the way, he says, it’s really easy to quit (and I agree, especially with stevia as a tool!)

  • Brain
  • Environment
  • Habits
  • Gut
  • Friends

Check out the video for inspiration to make some changes in your life, or simply become more educated about what sugar is actually doing in your body. I learned a few things and I think this would be a great video to share with loved ones (who are ready for it!). Nothing is worse than trying to push health advice on someone who isn’t ready